Board Of Directors

The National Association of Social Workers, Delaware Chapter is part of the National Association of Social Workers. We are one national community with separate state chapters that meet the needs of our membership on the ground. State Boards of Directors are programmatic boards, charged with ensuring that the state activities align with the national direction.

Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Regional Representatives and Student Representatives. 

President, Shannon Fisch, LCSW
President Elect, Terry Ramsey, MSW

Vice President, Ezekiel Ette, PhD

Secretary, Emancia Brown, MSW




Sussex - Regional Representatives Rosemary Baughman,  LCSW, CADC, EAP certified

Kent - Regional Representatives, Muriel Cunningham, MSW

New Castle - Regional Representatives VACANT submit an application




Graduate Student Representative, Cathrin Emerick, MSW  

Undergraduate Student RepresentativeVACANT – submit an application

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Learn more about our organization structure and roles in our "Lean In: Guide To Volunteer Leadership" guide.

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Interested in Serving?

Holding an elected position in our organization is meaningful.  You have the opportunity to use your voice, share the experience of your colleagues and friends and help set the vision for our chapter.  It's also a fantastic way to build your leadership skills, learn new things and develop as a well-rounded professional.

Our nomination committee is charged with vetting possible candidates for elections.  You can submit your application today!

Have questions?  Contact us  via email or by calling the main office. 

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Am I qualified to volunteer? 

Students and regular members are eligible to volunteer and can practice in various settings.

We know that social workers are in every aspect of our community and we hope our leadership is as diverse as our membership.

In order to volunteer for the chapter, you do need to be a member of NASW-DE and we encourage you to be active in the Chapter in some capacity.