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Are you ready to strengthen your connection to the profession of social work? Are you eager to connect with other members and social workers throughout the state? Do you want to develop your leadership experience while learning new skills? 

Great! We’re looking for individuals who are passionate and share a desire to contribute to our Chapter in a meaningful way. The NASW-DE Chapter volunteer leadership is comprised of volunteers just like yourself, who are passionate about our field, our collective purpose, and have a desire to contribute to the dialogue and lend their talents and voices to the betterment of our Chapter.

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Ways you can volunteer with us


our board of directors sets the programmatic direction of the chapter and is charged with ensuring that the programs and offerings in delaware are aligned with the national strategic plan. board members are elected by their peers from across the state of delaware and serve for two year terms. positions include president, vice president, secretary, and member at large, in addition to our regional representative. the strength of our organization relies on experienced social workers like yourself whom are willing to lend their expertise and time to strengthening the chapter and advocating on behalf of our profession in delaware.

nasw-de has several regions across the state of delaware to provide members regionally based networking and educational opportunities. each unit has a representative whom helps plan and coordinate events that bring value to our members. regions are a crucial way our chapter engages and connects members!

our 2021-2022 committees are being formed right now. these are one-year appointments and committees typically meet by phone or in person on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. committees are a great way to learn more about the internal workings of our professional organization and help shape programs and policies. you’ll be a leader in our organization. sounds great, right? we're looking for members to fill our political action for candidate election (pace) and ethics commmittees.

have a topic or niche you're passionate about? share it with our members! we're looking for social workers to share what they know with the community. presenting with nasw-de is a great opportunity to get exposure to other people in your field, obtain feedback on an early version of your latest work, and improve your presentation and communication skills. at the same time, other members will have the opportunity to connect with areas of social work they're not familiar with and expand their practice toolbelt. win, win!



Ready to Volunteer? Apply now! 

Learn more about our organization structure and roles in our "Lean In: Guide To Volunteer Leadership" guide.

Ready to lean in?  Lead?  Great!  Click the link to send your resume to us!

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Am I qualified to volunteer?

You should be a member, students and regular members are eligible to volunteer and can practice in ANY setting.

We know that social workers are in every aspect of our community and we hope our leadership is as diverse as our membership.

You do need to be a member of NASW-DE (of course!) and we certainly encourage you to be active in the Chapter in some capacity.