January 2019

A Message from NASW-DE President

Happy New Year NASW-DE!  I hope everyone is starting 2019 feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the year ahead.  During this time of resolutions and planning, I encourage you to take some time to focus on your professional goals.  Whether that is deepening your skills in your current practice, learning new skills, practicing better self-care, or changing your career focus – let NASW and the Delaware Chapter help you.  We are gearing up for a busy Spring Season that includes licensure prep workshops, a March 22nd Social Work Month Symposium and Awards Ceremony, and electing a new chapter board of directors. 

As we move closer to the enactment of HB 311 and Multi-Tier Licensure in June, NASW DE will be working with the Board of Social Work to make sure Delaware social workers are informed on what steps they need to take to move forward.  Look for the updates in this newsletter about next steps.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working with NASW National to transition our website to an update layout that is better integrated with  We'll be updating information on our site, but look forward to a cleaner site coming in February. 

For those of you who offer continuing education programming throughout our communities, we have recently updated our Chapter CE Pre-Approval Program to make applying more accessible and affordable.  Email for the new information and application, which will be accessible on our updated website in February. 

As always, thank you for your continued membership with NASW and the Delaware Chapter.  We are here to make sure you get the most out of your membership.  If there are areas that we can help you identify association resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to

 Warmest regards,

Michael Francum, MSW, ACSW
Executive Director, NASW DE

Delaware News & Events

DE Board of Clinical Social Workers Updates

The Delaware Board of Clinical Social Workers continues to work to meet as they update the regulations around professional social work at their monthly sub-committee meetings which follow directly after the monthly board meeting.  NASW DE executive director, Michael Francum, has been participating in these subcommittee meetings to represent the interest of our membership. You are invited to attend these monthly meetings to offer your input and participate in the decision-making process.  These meetings take place on the 3rd Monday of each month.  The board meeting will take place from 9:00am to 9:30am, followed by the meeting of the subcommittee.  Unable to attend?  You can also submit your feedback directly to the board at

Any finalized information regarding the regulations will be posted to our chapter website, emailed to members, and shared on our social media pages. NASW DE is preparing to host information sessions on the new regulations for social workers throughout the state. 

Until the Board of Clinical Social Workers release the regulations this Spring to the public, NASW DE is unable to clarify any specifics about information in the draft regulations.  Staff are available to answer any questions we can about the various parts of the law and welcome our members to contact us at


Information on Grandfathering Under Multi-Tier Licensure

NASW DE staff have been answering member calls around multi-tier licensure and providing as much information as is available.  One topic that everyone is asking about is the "grandfathering" provision in the law.  The law states:

This Act includes a grandfather provision for MSW and BSW licenses. Under § 3907B, individuals who are already practicing within the scope of MSW or BSW but are not licensed may qualify for licensure depending on their education or experience. Section 3907B is limited to MSW and BSW; an LCSW license may not be grandfathered.

To qualify under § 3907B, the following requirements must be met:

- An MSW applicant must submit documentation from an employer that the individual has at least 10 years of work experience within the scope of MSW practice,  OR 2 years of work experience within the scope of MSW practice plus a master’s degree in social work, human services, social and behavioral sciences, psychology, sociology, or other related degree the Board has approved.

- A BSW applicant must submit evidence of at least 3 years of work experience within the scope of BSW practice, or at least 1 year of work experience within the scope of BSW practice plus a baccalaureate degree in social work, human services, social and behavioral sciences, psychology, sociology, or other related degree the Board has approved.

An application for licensure under the grandfathering provision must be submitted within 2 years of enactment of this Act (June 2019)


The DE Board is drafting additional regulations that define what the scope of MSW practice is under this provision, how that will be measured, and what criteria an applicant will need to demonstrate.  This information will be included in the regulations release this Spring.


Nominate a Colleague or Yourself for the
2019 Chapter Awards

NASW Delaware invites our members to nominate a colleague or themselves for one of our annual Chapter awards.  The criteria for Social Worker of the Year and Agency of the Year are included below.  To access the nomination form, please CLICK HERE

The Social Worker of the Year Award honors a member of the NASW DE who exemplifies the best of the profession’s values and achievements through specific accomplishments. In honoring the Social Worker of the Year, NASW highlights superb accomplishments in the practice of social work.

Criteria: Consistent demonstration of the six core values of the NASW Code of Ethics: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.

The Social Worker of the Year will be a member in good standing who:

  • Advocates for the clients
  • Makes a demonstrable contribution in social policy, social work practice, program development, or administration and research
  • Demonstrates outstanding leadership
  • Contributes to a positive image for the social work profession
  • Takes risks to achieve outstanding results
  • Current elected Chapter officers and NASW staff are not eligible

Agency of the Year Award honors a DE agency that best exemplifies social work values in the field.

Criteria: The agency should promote and uphold NASW standards and Code of Ethics; develop and implement innovative approaches for the provision of more effective services; make a significant contribution to a population of concern to the social work profession (i.e. advocacy for consumers or social workers, impact on social policy, exceptional program and program creation, excellent administrative development, innovative research, etc.); and have a diversity of employees that reflects their clientele and/or has policy that implements culturally competent practice.

Updates to the NASW DE CE Approval Program Are Here!

NASW DE Chapter's CE Approval Guidelines and Application have been updated.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop for social workers and are interested in receiving pre-approval for continuing education content, please contact to obtain our updated guidelines and application materials.  We hope you will find our updated application to be more affordable and accessible for sponsoring organizations.  Below is a quick overview of the pricing structure for trainings:

  • Individual seminar (usually typically 1-3 hours): fee is $100.00 
  • Individual workshop (usually a full day, 6-8 hour event): fee is $150.00 
  • Conference, series, course: fee is $200.00 
  • LATE-approval, Applications submitted less than 30 days before the event: additional fee of $75.00 added to the program approval fee 
  • If you would like NASW-DE to process your CE certificates for you, please add an additional $50 administrative fee.  

Professional Development Opportunities

***This Training is Nearly Sold-Out***

Please Note This Is a Two-Day Training

Member Resources

An Hour With Private Practice, Spring 2019
An Hour With Private Practice: Questions & Answers is free for NASW members. These monthly call-in sessions focus on a specific private practice subject and are led by Mirean Coleman, LICSW, Clinical Manager at NASW. 
There is no registration and members can join in the discussion, ask questions, and make comments. These sessions provide members with important clinical social work updates impacting the delivery of mental health services. They are held every third Wednesday of the month from noon until 1 pm ET. No session is held in December due to the holidays. 
Members, sign in at the national site to get call-in information.


February 20, 2019

Ethical Dilemmas in Private Practice
Presenter: Dawn Hobdy, NASW Director of Ethics & Professional Review  

March 20, 2019

What To Do in the Event Your Records are Hacked    

April 17, 2019

Top 4 Most Overlooked Facts About Professional Liability Insurance
Presenter: Lonnie Ropp, ASI Director of Product Management & Underwriting     

May 15, 2019

Tips for Documentation and Coding of Services   

June 19, 2019

Making Sense of the CMS-1500 Claim Form


It’s that time of year when invoices for professional association membership dues begin arriving. If you are like many others, you may vacillate about continuing paying your dues. How do you decide? Is it worth it? Do you really need to be a member?

Before you decide, take an inventory of what services and perks your membership actually offers. Many people have never done this and are surprised at what they find. Some of the services may include:

•Establishing and maintaining professional standards and protections for the field
•National and state advocacy for issues relevant to your profession and its mission
•Legal assistance for broad issues related to the field
•Up-to-date information about your profession
•Continuing educational programs at a reasonable or reduced membership cost
•Networking and mentoring opportunities online or at annual conferences or local meetings
•Potential for leadership positions and leadership training through board and committee work
•An outlet (journals, blogs, newsletters) for highlighting your own research findings or thought pieces
•Special offers like affiliation credit cards or reduction in price of publications or other products
•Reasonably priced malpractice or other insurance coverage for members

You may be thinking you can get many of the above services without paying dues—and you can—but it takes some effort. For example, your professional association vets current research and practice guidelines so you can rely on their validity and timeliness. They also curate various topics so you can select those most relevant to you. While a professional conference is a good networking opportunity, it may also help you fulfill many of your annual continuing education requirements that are needed to keep your license and/or certification current.

If your professional association offers some type of certification or credentialing, think carefully before you opt out of one you currently hold. How hard was it to achieve your credential? Does it have any value in the workplace or on your résumé? Could it be reinstated if you needed the credential some time in the future or would you have to apply and start over again?

There is one final reason to maintain your membership. Most of us are proud of our chosen profession, and we have some obligation to support it. Remaining an active member of your profession association is one way to do so.

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